Hi y'all,

Technology is great until it doesn't do what you want! My new website is up and going. Yay! My email is still not set up - boo! Hoping all will be running smoothly later today! So if you email me and it bounces back, try to call me! (803)238-2296

It has been a crazy few weeks trying to get everything photographed for the yearbook! There are some galleries of most of the spring sports at  The game pictures are available to download! Enjoy!

Congratulations to Airport Student Government for a successful Charity Drive Week for Camp Kemo! It is not too late to donate - call Airport High School to find out how to donate to this very worthy cause!

Look for lots of sports images coming soon to the shootproof site and check out the new website design at

Upcoming events include Airport High Class of 2016 Cap and Gown pictures and lots of spring sports!

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Love ya!